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Welcome to Sundown Kennels - Customer Testimonials

There is no substitute for consistant quality. A reputation is not something than one can simply create; it must be earned and built over time. Our greatest assets, at Sundown Kennels, are the relationships we have built with our clients. In many cases, these are relationships which have spanned many years and multiple dogs. We love to hear from our clients and are deeply gratified that they consistantly praise the superior quality of their Sundown Kennels German Shepherd and the professional training and services we have provided them over the years. We are including just a few of those comments, unedited, for you to enjoy.

Brandon Weaver

Training with Dan is money well spent! I have a German Shepard/Siberian Husky mix (80lbs). He is smart but has that husky attitude. Train my K-9 helped my dog get use to other dogs as well was always open for holidays. They took great care of my dog that when he got dropped off sometimes he wouldn't get out of their car. Flex always came back clean and well behaved. I was always afraid of letting my dog at a local pet smart because it wasn't enough space for him but train my K-9 made sure Flex had plenty of exercise he slept for days when returning home. As well, they gave us great advice on home training for him for free. We recommend Train my K-9 to everyone that needs boarding and training.

Dan is amazing. He helped train our 9 month old Rottweiler. She follows simple commands and walks amazing on leash. We also use Dan for all our boarding needs. Very reasonable in pricing and great results!!!

Our experience with sdk has been nothing less than spectacular. Mike answered any questions we had about how to prepare to bring our new puppy home and any questions once the puppy was home.

Mike's attention to us and the puppy even after the puppy was home is amazing. He asked for updates and pics to watch the pup grow.

When we saw the puppies we knew we made the right choice by using sdk. The puppies had all the qualities that "true" German Sheppards should have. We highly recommend skd to anyone who wants a first class puppy and first class service.

Our puppy Gemma is so smart and has such a great personality, it is easy to see the dog that she is going to be.

Ross & Dana


Wow, how can I express to you how pleased we are with the training you provided to Zach and Zoe our 1 year lab/beagle litter mates. When I take them for a walk now, it is actually ME taking them for a walk!!!! I used to watch other people with their dogs and say "that is the dog I want". Well now I do. As you know we had the problem of them jumping up on the little ones ages 4 and 2 years, but not any more!! They are calm and well controlled we can actually enjoy family time together. They are a joy to be around. You fulfilled all that you promised and then more.. Your knowledge, training and understanding of dogs and owners is impressive. I have only one regret .. that we did not find you sooner. We look forward to working with you in the fall. Again, thank you so much.

Pauline Charton

We are so grateful to Mike and Jonie for Tillie. She is the perfect combination of a family pet and family protector. She loves to guard the house and she also loves to give kisses. She immediately befriended her nine-pound yorkie sister, Mollie, and is great with kids. Tillie is loved by everyone in the neighborhood, and has been welcomed with open arms. She is very personable with all people, though when people come by the house they know that the house is well protected. We love that her look can be very imposing yet she is so sweet. Tillie likes to sleep in our queen size bed
with Mollie and ourselves. If she is not on the bed she is right outside the bedroom door. We are so fortunate to have such a sweet well mannered beautiful dog as a member of our family.

John Paul and Anna Hubbard

Hi Mike
I just wanted to say thank you taking good care of Scorpio while I was out of town. It was nice to come home to see how well he did while under your care. I was really surprised how much he took to you and not being a momma's boy when I pick him up. He is doing better about being a big baby when I leave him, and gaining some confidence. It is nice to know that he has a second home to go to when I am out of town.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Debi Gefell

I never felt I needed help with any dog I had until Caesar came into my life. Caesar is a Doberman that arrived at six weeks old weighing six pounds. Today he is 5 1/2 months old and weighs 43 pounds. He turned out to be more than I could manage until Mike Yarnell worked with Caesar and showed me how to cope with the jumping, chewing and impossible behavior. I thought I knew a lot about dogs and training but thank goodness Mike worked with Caesar and me so we can live together.

Marion DeLong

Hi: We are Lizzie (yellow Lab) and Nick (Keeshond-part Chow). We like to stay at Sundown Kennels for our home away from home. Naturally, we would like to travel with our owner because as you can see we have lots of room to rest in the care but sometimes we can’t go. So we come to Sundown Kennels.
Joni or Mike will greet us at the gate. Nick will jump out as soon as they open the gate and goes off to do his thing. It takes me (Lizzie) a little longer as I have to sit by the fence and watch my owner’s care leave me behind. I finally give up that my owner isn’t coming back right then and I go with Mike to our home away from home. It is really nice as it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is also a large fenced area where we can run and play around.
So we would like to recommend anyone that is looking for a special place to board their best friends like us. Sundown Kennels is the best place to stay at.

Lizzie and Nick

I just wanted to take time to let you know that Tracer's training and conditioning is going great. You taught Tracer how to be a wonderful pet and family member. Tracer works great with all the commands that you taught him.
I have no trouble getting him to follow through with my voice and commands.
I released Tracer into your hands as a 9 month old puppy who didn't want to listen or respond. You took my puppy and made a respectable and disciplined member of my home and life. Tracer will actually heel upon my command and stop when I stop without being told to do so. I can get him to sit or down stay for at least seven minutes and sometimes even longer. I really haven't tried keeping him there longer because I don't have that kind of patience for waiting or being still. I'm now working on his conditioning. I've got to work on his company skills. He still gets a bit excited when going to the vet or company dropping by. Tracer thinks everyone is there to play with him. Last night Tracer was outside the garage and people were walking their dog in the street. This was Tracer's first time to come face to face with people and another dog. I was afraid he might want to get aggressive but just the opposite happened. He sniffed and wanted the other dog (a white German Shepherd) to play. No fighting took place. I know this is because of what you've taught Tracer. I can never thank you enough for how you've turned Tracer around. Tracer is only 1 year old now and I know he's still mentally and physically developing. I tease Tracer a lot about staying in the family but now I know there will never be a reason or anyone that could make me let go of my beloved pet.

Thanks again,

Martha and Tracer

I'm attaching 2 pictures of the kids. We don't have any with us together, but I will get you some as soon as we do.

We could not be more pleased with our two Shepherds from Mike Yarnell at Sundown Kennels. Our male, Law, is from West German lines and our female, Svenja, from East German lines. Law has been with us for eight years and we have received many compliments on his temperament, bone structure and coloring. Svenja has been with us for almost three years and we can't even begin to account for how many compliments we have received on her. We treat our Shepherds as our kids and quality is very important to us. Mike has always proven his commitment to the GSD lines and continuing the excellence of the breed. After visiting Mike's facilities over nine years ago we became customers for life. So if you are looking for a GSD companion and quality is your standard Sundown Kennels is the perfect choice. Again Mike, thanks for everything and the kids say Hi!

Donnie & Natasha Fulmer

We are Reggie and Cherry Powell. Reggie is a Therapy Dog; I am a brat. We live in Hot Springs, and we always stay at Sundown Kennels when our Mom and Dad are traveling. They can drop us off before flying out, and pick us up before driving home.

We love the kennel because we are house-dogs and can sleep indoors. In the Summer we can sun on our runs and then go back into the air conditioning when we want.

We love our exercise sessions, Sundown has a big grassy field and we can run on level ground. (All we have at home is hills.) Uncle Mike is really proud of the field and keeps it very clean and mowed.

Mike is the best trainer we've ever seen, and he knows all about watching for health problems. Next to home, Sundown is our favorite place in the whole world!

Reggie & Cherry Powell

To meet someone like you is very rare.
We both grew up with dogs (pointers/setters, Labradors, spaniels, and German shepherds), however, until you guided us in training, care, and the proper nutrition for our German shepherd, "Tracker", we did not realize how little we knew. We are very grateful for your guidance.
Trackers' breeding has to be outstanding, as he is sensitive, learns quickly, wants to please, obedient, and always watching us.
Sundown Kennels was recommended to us by a friend, who is a Veterinary Technician that had purchased a puppy from you and took it through Schutzhund training.
Your keeping in contact with us even now, "4" years later, shows a lasting interest in the dogs you sell.

Wingfield & Bobbie Ann Martin

We acquired our first German Shepherd from Sundown Kennels in 1998. Jasmine was purchased as a companion for our 2 year old German Shepherd, Noodles, who relocated to Little Rock with us in July, 1998. Jasmine was 8 months old at that time. She was house trained and could perform basic obedience.

Our second German Shepherd was acquired from Sundown Kennels in 2002. Our purpose at this time was a first attempt at Schutzhund training. Sheba joined our family at the age of 4 months and has since been trained in the sport of Schutzhund.

Our experiences with Mike Yarnell, owner of Sundown Kennels, has been nothing less then positive from the start. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the German Shepherd breed and is always willing to discuss issues and questions as they arise. As part of the purchase agreement, it is very important to Mike that his dogs be placed in loving homes and socialized with people and other dogs. The best part of dealing with Mike is that he wants to be certain that YOU and your family are comfortable with the dog, and that the dog is comfortable with YOU. If for any reason this does not occur, he will refund your money and take the dog back into his family. We find this very reassuring. Mike has always been forthright and honest about his litters and individual dogs, so you know exactly what type of animal you are buying.

We have also boarded our dogs with Mike for extended periods of time. His facilities are absolutely beautiful and always clean. The fans above each individual kennel are a welcome site during the hot Arkansas summers. He gives each individual dog one on one attention (and training if you wish to pay for the service) every single day.

Mike Yarnell is a different kind of breeder. He is truly interested in what is best for you and his dogs. Knowledgeable and accessible, we feel fortunate to have met Mike 9 years ago when we relocated to Arkansas.

We give our highest recommendation to Sundown Kennels, its owner, and the available facilities


Bob & Sharon Altoff


I've attached some pictures of Vetta. She has done excellent these first 10 days or so. We've had one accident in the house, which was within the first hour we had her...our fault. Since then, she has quickly learned to look at the back door anytime she wants to go out and she immediately uses the bathroom once her paws hit the grass. We have crated her during the day and let her out every four hours (she's beginning to not whine at all when she goes in the crate). It has been an easy transition for her and easy on us to house break. We have been sitting and downing using kibble for about 5 minutes twice a day, and I am amazed at how quickly she has learned what those two words mean. For such a young puppy, we can't get over how good her eye contact is as well. It seems that as soon as we started doing the sit and down excercises for kibble, she just stares us in the eyes. We have kept the excercises very short and very fun for her. Her left ear has stayed up now for about 4 days and the right one is trying....still a little while before they both stay up. We appreciate all of your help in finding us the right pup and all of the questions and concerns that you were able to help us with. Buying a dog is inevitably a stressful experience; however, we feel like you were able to provide us with an excellent puppy and a great dog for years to come. We will send more pictures as she progresses. Look forward to staying in touch.


Eric and Autumn

Dear Mike;

Thanks so much for taking such excellent care of my flatcoated retriever. It is really reassuring to have someone both knowledgeable and trustworthy to leave him with when I have to travel. He came back to me happy and healthy! I appreciate the fine service at Sundown Kennels.

See you soon,
Henry Baldwin
Little Rock, Arkansas