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Training Overview

Mike is a trainer, a breeder, a boarder, a competitor, a teacher and so much more. The one thing that all of his skills have in common is dogs. Mike has spent a lifetime working with, and learning about dogs, particularly German Shepherds. He started over 25 years ago with a single purpose: to produce the very best working German Shepherds he possibly can while being a model of professionalism in his industry. Mike has trained dogs for, and competed in AKC confirmation and obedience as well as the sport of Schutzhund since 1985. He has placed quality working German Shepherds throughout the United States that he has special ordered, bred and/or trained. He is also a full time senior trainer for Von Klein Stein Working Dogs (Arkansas' largest seller of police dogs) and has been involved with the training of numerous dual purpose K-9s (narcotics and tracking). VKSWD has built and maintained a reputation for producing superbly trained dogs for the police as well as the security industry. In addition to having participated in countless hours of police K-9 schools, Mike has helped several police departments with K-9 training problems and has placed several of his own dogs with departments in Arkansas. Mike is a founding member of the Arkansas Schutzhund Club, a member of DVG American and Schutzhund USA. He has worked with many of the best trainers in the U.S. and Germany. While he has kept up with the latest training methods, Mike employs his own unique methods of training which are based on knowing, and understanding, dogs and the ways in which they best learn. Mike utilizes these 3 key aspects in training; The 3 T's: Teaching the dog commands that he needs to know in order to perform successfully. The dog must learn the meaning of each command without undue stress. Training the dog what is expected of him when a command is given. Testing the dog proves or disproves successful learning as the dog performs in new situations and under distractions. Mike uses motivational techniques with the dog and emphasizes the trainer's responsibility to be consistent, keep the dog's attention, and make training fun for the dog in all aspects of the training. Mike provides in-kennel training or class instruction for basic obedience. The in-kennel option allows the client to board the dog until training is complete. The length of training time depends on the level of training requested and the temperament of the dog. Two basic plans are offered for basic obedience training.

About Our Training

Making the commitment to become your dog's leader: If everyone had the presence and skills to be their dog's respected leader, there would be no need for our service. It is very important to understand that a dog's behavior is almost always a direct reflection of how he feels about his relationship with his humans. Our training program will help your dog become more centered, calm and relaxed. It will also make him much more obedient and happy to comply and follow your leadership. However, if he goes home to the same unbalanced environment he came from, he will not stay content very long. Choosing our training program must come with the commitment that you will practice leadership with your dog on a daily basis. The most critical time will be the first month after he is home with you. This is our best shot at convincing a dog's owner how important it is that he transforms into his dog's revered leader. If you are up to the commitment, then our training program is for you!

Dog Evaluation:

This 45 minute session is scheduled to evaluate the dog and determine the best training program suited for your needs. I will assess the dog's attitude and abilities and any problem areas that you are concerned about. Together we will formulate a plan and time line for training your dog.

New Puppy Consultation:

For the new puppy owner who wants to get a jump start on training their puppy, this one hour consultation and training session provides lots of information on house breaking, manners, management and training techniques. This option is a life saver until your puppy is old enough to join a beginner class or enroll in our very successful training.

Basic Obedience Training

Minimum 2 week program. The dog learns manners and to follow commands on a loose leash. * "Sit" and "Stay" * 1-minute sit * 3 minute down * Wait" in a doorway. * Walking on a loose leash [means do not pull]. * "Off" means: do not jump on me or anyone else. * "Sit in excitement" we will teach your dog that they must listen to you even if they are excited or in high drive. * "Come" as a command on a 20 foot long line leash

Intermediate Obedience Training

Requires Basic Obedience. The dog learns to follow commands with greater precision and begins working without a leash. * Fronts & Finishes - First calling your dog to you, they will sit directly in front of you, and then they will go behind you to sit on your left side. This is all one command. * Precision Heel. Sit when you stop. Turn left and right staying in proper position. * 3-5 minute "sit" in distractions with toys being thrown past the dogs: food distractions, kids and dogs running by, while the dog maintains his long sit for 3-5 minutes. * 6-10 minute "down" in distractions same as above but with the dog in a down position. * Down in motion: Walking fast and commanding a "down", your dog must follow the command and "down". You will keep walking while your dog remains in position. * Sit in motion: Walking fast and giving the "sit" command, your dog will stay in position while you walk away quickly. * Starting out of sight commands: This means dog must stay in positions even if you are out of their sight and a distance away from you. * Starting "off leash heeling" and "off leash basic commands". * Sit in very high excitement. We will build the dogs drive up and then give them a command one time. They must be in command and IN control in less than 1 second.

Individual Sessions

Weekly, 1 hour training sessions scheduled at the owner's convenience. Provides instruction for the owner in handling the dog and requires commitment from to owner to work the dog between sessions. Works well for the dog with specific behavior problems and for the owner that prefers to be involved in the training. o Basic or Intermediate Obedience o Behavior Problems

In-Home Follow-Up Visit

For clients who required additional assistance once the dog has been transferred back to the home environment, we offer a follow up visit to reinforce the training in that location. After attending the thorough training at the pick-up appointment, few clients request this service, as they are able to maintain the dog's level of training at home.