Welcome to Sundown Kennels - About Us

The Beginning

Mike's first German Shepherd Dog Cisco had problems that kept him from entering the working or show ring. Disappointed with the breeder who might have revealed the problems, Mike committed to opening Sundown Kennels and to begin a breeding program that would improve the GSD breed and educate owners. His breeding program was conceived with quality imported GSD lines. And now, more than 20 years later, Sundown Kennels has grown to include breeding, boarding and training services offered to families and law enforcement programs.

Experience is key

One thing leads to another. For Mike, training dogs and their handlers came in the natural course of events. Dogs like Mike. He has the ability to get the dog's attention and admiration so that the dog wants to do the work. Mike traveled to seminars, learning from renowned trainers and judges. He trained and competed in AKC confirmation and obedience and has been actively training and competing in the sport of Schutzhund since 1985. Mike also helped establish the Arkansas Schutzhund Club with yearly competition trials. He trained and competed with his own dogs. His natural ability to read a dog developed into the critical judgment and skill for training both dog and handler in multiple tasks. For a number of years, Mike worked with Von Klein Stein Workings Dogs to provide K-9 training for law enforcement dogs and handlers with a particular focus in tracking, narcotics detection and obedience. He has trained dual purpose police K-9's (Narcotics and Tracking), and has completed numerous hours of police K-9 schools. He has helped several police departments with K-9 training problems and has placed several of his own dogs with departments in Arkansas and in other areas of the country. Mike has worked with some of the best trainers in the United States and Germany and has kept up with the latest training methods.

Commitment to quality

Mike strives to offer the best in German Shepherds. The dogs he uses in the breeding program are selected to give customers the best puppies. They are bred from healthy dogs with sound temperament. All dogs in the breeding program are x-rayed and certified for clear hips. Each dog is tested for a customer's special needs and requirements. Mike strives to place his dogs in a family or work situation best suited for the dog's abilities and personality. Sundown Kennels offers imported titled adults, young dogs, and some of the best bred puppies from imported lines.


Experience teaches that problems do happen. Mike provides a written contract to satisfy buyers of a GSD that develops an unforeseen problem. You may read comments from some of our clients here.