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At Sundown Kennels we provide boarding facilities that are ideal for long term and short term visitors. We are in a convenient location just 15 minutes from either downtown Little Rock or the airport. In a scenic setting, with country surroundings, the dogs can watch the squirrels, bunnies, and birds from their outdoor kennel run. If they prefer, they may choose to stay inside for a comfortable nap in their private kennel area, heated or cooled according to the season. in inclimate weather they may even choose to remain outside in the safety of a completely covered kennel that blocks the rain and wind. Don't like your neighbor? That is okay because each private kennel is separated from the next by a 3 foot concrete block wall in the outdoor kennel and even higher inside for guaranteed privacy. And there is plenty of room for that nap and fresh water inside. it is easy to get to the outside through the open doggy door whenever desired to the safe and private 6x10 foot concrete run. Each run has its own gate that is latched and locked at all times. Three times daily each dog is provided private time in the kennel yard to do as they please in the safety of latched and locked chain-link fencing. A 5 foot chain-link fence separates the kennel building from the spacious exercise yard. Our largest visitors really enjoy getting up to speed in the exercise area. And they all appreciate the opportunity to do their personal business in a quiet corner of the yard (or on a tree). Their play time gives us a good chance to clean their kennel area and refresh their water. We use a squeegee so that they return to clean and dry quarters until the next time out. Some of our visitors have special needs and we can usually accommodate them. But all of our visitors are special to their owners, so we treat them that way. In order to provide the best and safest service to your dog, we require both the Boarding Agreement and the Boarding Information forms. You may save yourself some time if you download both of the forms, by clicking on the links below, print each and fill them out prior to your visit to Sundown Kennels.


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